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The objective of this webinar is to brainstorm in order to formulate recommendations in the form of a toolbox that could help decision makers in the public sphere (elected officials, authorities) as in the private sphere such as cooperatives, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and scale-ups.

During this session the vision, the milestones and the tools to help you influence the investment strategies and participate to this sustainable recovery of Morocco will be discussed . Your voice will be head and absolutely all proposals and questions will be answered by our guests with no exception either live or by mail . Theme: "Economic recovery of Morocco: The mobilization of skills, entrepreneurs and investors Moroccan around the world, lever of synergies". Guest presenters : Mr. Chakib ALJ, President, CGEM...

Diaspora & Start-ups Shaping Africa

STARTUP AFRICA SUMMIT is a disruptive event designed to bring together innovative startups, investors,

As the Netherlands Embassy in Morocco is focusing on trade promotion in areas such as water, water sanitation and sustainable energy,

The Industrial acceleration plan will substantially increase the share of industry in GDP from the current 14% to 23 %.