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Management services


We provide you with Management include a corporate director (i.e. through a legal entity), and/or one or more individuals to be appointed as director/s of the Company.

Start-up Assistance

Start-up Assistance

We assist startups towards Morocco with living up to their ambitions. Through our partners in Morocco, we provide network of mentors, coaches, incubators, accelerators and finance resources for startups.



With our extensive network and and knowledge of the market in Morocco, we can offer your company customized programs and visits to the Moroccan key players in your industry.

During this session the vision, the milestones and the tools to help you influence the investment strategies and participate to this sustainable recovery of Morocco will be discussed . Your voice will be head and absolutely all proposals and questions will be answered by our guests with no exception either live or by mail . Theme: “Economic recovery of Morocco: The mobilization of skills, entrepreneurs and investors Moroccan around the world, lever of synergies”. Guest presenters : Mr. Chakib ALJ,......

The objective of this webinar is to brainstorm in order to formulate recommendations in the form of a toolbox that could help decision makers in the public sphere (elected officials, authorities) as in the private sphere such as cooperatives, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and scale-ups....

They add
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These are our partners & supporters who will contribute to our webinars series in the future and help us build the platform.

Unfortunatly the event is sold out.. but you are welcome to join our network for our future events.

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